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Bespoke Biometric Insoles Have Arrived!

Your feet are your foundation to a healthy active life. They are a fabulous piece of engineering, made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and 100 muscles, they can take a lot of impact and support and carry the whole weight of your body. 

Many of us have suffered problems with our feet, these problems can lead to pain and discomfort in your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. This can make everyday activities uncomfortable and in some cases prevent you from doing the activities you love. 

How can Podfo Bespoke Biometric Insoles help me?

Whether you are looking to get back to enjoying that walk on the beach with the dog, completing the 18th hole in comfort or performing your best on the running track, Podfo Bespoke Biometric Insoles can provide you with corrective foot control whilst supporting natural movement, helping to relieve pain and discomfort. 

Podfo features include:

  • SUPPORT: Podfo can provide you with corrective foot control while supporting natural movement to help reduce the risk of pain or injury when standing, walking or running. 
  • BESPOKE FIT: Designed to a precise scan, imprint or cast of your feet, your Podfo bespoke Biometric Insole will meet your individual requirements. 
  • DURABLE: Podfo are tested to withstand the equivalent of 25 back to back ultra marathons without any deterioration in the support that they offer. 
  • COMFORTABLE: The light and slim design offers you the closest fit to foot. This can provide improved comfort and enhance your quality of life. 
  • HYGIENIC: The exclusive Geometric Hole Orthotic Support Technology (GHOST) allows your feet to breathe and drains moisture away providing a hygienic insole solution. Podfo can be washed with a non-abrasive cloth in warm soapy water or placed in your dishwasher at temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius. 
  • SEAMLESS STRUCTURE: Trials show that Podfo's seamless design provides you with improved comfort and support. The seamless structure is designed to be light and slim so that whatever your active footwear, Podfo fits.

Your Consultation 

A Biomechanical Assessment will be required before Podfo Bespoke Biometric Insoles can be prescribed. Our highly trained Podiatrist will conduct a full assessment which will include soft tissue analysis and gait analysis looking at the way your joints and bones move, allowing us to identify any biomechanical abnormalities in the way you walk or run. A precise cast of your foot is then taken and this data is then used, along with your assessment, to ensure that the insole created is bespoke to your precise prescription as well as your plantar surface, ensuring we fully meet your needs. 

Here at My Foot Clinic we offer a fully tailored solution to help you get your feet back to their best possible health. We work with you to develop a full treatment plan which can include exercise, foot mobilisation, lower limb sports massage therapy and/ or appropriate orthotic solutions. 

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