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Heel pain, ankle or knee problems, fallen arches, flat feet, lower back pain? Do you enjoy activities such as running, dancing, cycling and are looking to improve your performance? A biomechanical assessment is for you!

We will start your assessment with a discussion about your medical history, lifestyle needs, footwear and activities. This will enable us to understand your individual needs and concerns. You will have a thorough assessment of your lower joints and their available movements. We will look at your ankle and all the smaller joints of the foot, your arches will be assessed. Your knees will be assessed and we will check for any limb length discrepancies.  Using a treadmill and HUDL, your gait will be analysed including the way you walk, stand, sit and your posture.

We will discuss our findings with you and provide information and advice on the most appropriate treatment programme for you. Should exercises be prescribed, these will be discussed and where required demonstrated to you to ensure you have a good understanding of how to get the best from these for a stronger recovery. You will be provided with a login to our online patient portal where you can access your prescribed exercises anytime with useful diagrams and videos. Should orthotics be recommended, we will talk through your options making sure your choice is perfect for you. If bespoke orthotics are required, a casting of your feet can be done during this appointment and a date for fitting will be scheduled.

Important note:

When attending a biomechanical assessment please wear shorts or loose trousers that can be rolled up so the ankles and knees can be examined. Please also bring along your everyday footwear and any sports shoes.

Treatment Fee:  £50.00

Appointment Duration: 45 minutes 

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