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Whether you are looking to enhance your sports performance or are in search of extra comfort and support in your shoes, Formthotics could be the answer for you. With a wide range of products available including:

Sports – run and fitness, field sports, hiking and walking, cycling, snow and ice sports, golf

Everyday – casual, business and dress, work safety

Youth – casual, football


Formthotics are a trusted, consistently high quality device that have been used by millions across the world over the past 30 years. With their unique design, distinguishing features and manufacturing process, Formthotics are the ultimate foot orthotics that naturally fit your feet. State of the art technology allows a unique teardrop shape milled into the foam on the bottom of the insoles, advanced technology ensures the insoles are able to endure intense use ensuring lasting support.

There are a number of common foot and leg conditions that Formthotics can help with including achy feet and legs, achilles pain, arch pain, arthritis, back pain, bunions, heel pain and knee pain to name a few. To help alleviate your pain and prevent reoccurrence you will require a biomechanical assessment where we can diagnose your problem and discuss and put in place a treatment plan to help you improve quickly and aim to prevent you experiencing this pain in the future.

A treatment plan is not just about the orthotics, it may include changes to the types of shoes you wear and essential strengthening and stretching exercises. We want you to get the best out of your treatment plan and have a speedy recovery so we will go over this with you in detail at your assessment and review your progress at agreed intervals.

Formthotics help to reduce foot and posture related pain and injury and muscle fatigue allowing you a more speedy recovery by stabilising your feet and lower limbs. Benefits include: 

  • High quality device proven in research to reduce pain, treat and prevent injuries and provide improved comfort
  • Immediate fitting, no measurements to send away allowing you to experience the improved comfort and benefit of your new Formthotics immediately
  • Easy to adapt with you. Our body is a complex ever changing system, your podiatrist can make small modifications to your Formthotics allowing them to easily adapt with you making a difference to your comfort and recovery



Your podiatrists will carry out a full biomechanical assessment where they will discuss the details of your pain, possible causes and how it has affected your body. They will then discuss with you and put in place a treatment plan to get you back on your feet.

If your podiatrist feels you would benefit from an orthotic, they can prescribe the right Formthotic for you, your shoes and your activities from the Formthotics Custom Medical Orthotics range, the wide range of products and unique shape ensures that you achieve a custom fit that is right for your unique feet.


Formthotics fitting

Your bespoke Formthotics will be fitted for you on the day of your assessment. It is important you bring along any shoes you would like Formthotics fitting to on the day of your appointment.

If your Formthotics require any modification, your podiatrist will do this before thermoforming (heat moulding) them. Once they are warmed, you will be asked to place your feet inside the shoes and the Formthotics will then gently shape to the contours of your feet and your shoes – you will literally see your foot shape imprinted into the Formthotics once they have cooled.

At the end of your assessment and fitting your podiatrist will arrange for a review appointment so we can see how you are progressing with your treatment plan and your new Formthotics. 

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