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We don’t work miracles... Although some of our clients might disagree!

We are delighted to welcome WelBEEing to My Health Clinic. 

"At WelBEEing, we work with our clients to support both their physical and mental well-being. And since one will often have an effect on the other we always look at them both when looking at your well-being as a whole".

Physical well-being

From aches and pains, general fatigue, chronic pain & illness to sports injuries we offer a complete package of treatments to help you get back to where you want to be.

Many of our clients come to us with a specific issue, for example they may have an ongoing problem with their back/posture and want to be pain-free.

Or they may want help preparing for a sporting event or physical activity.

However some of our clients simply want an MOT/service, they want to feel their best self, reduce the aches and pains and increase their energy levels.

We use state of the art equipment to not only diagnose issues but also to help prescribe treatment and monitor your recovery.

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Mental well-being

“I’m just stressed”, “I’m just feeling a little down”, we all get those feelings, but often a struggle with your mental well-being turns into an almighty fight.

It’s a roller-coaster, riding between the highs and the lows, you’re forever tired, you can’t sleep, you often feel breathless like you’re suffocating, experiencing anxiety and often depression.

Fortunately admitting you need, or indeed want, help is no longer the taboo it was and we are helping more and more clients build resilience and feel better mentally.

Of course there’s no obvious ‘injury’, no big arrow sign pointing towards the root of the problem, so we start with a conversation, building a picture of who you are and what the underlying issues might be.

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Your complete well-being

But nothing works in isolation, your physical well-being often affects your mental well-being and vice versa, and that’s why we look at them both together.

Chinese medicine has always treated the person as whole and it is the West that has been too pre-occupied with labels,

Often when we don’t feel good mentally, we also experience a lack of energy and inability to get things done physically. You’ve probably also experienced some sort of phantom pain when you see someone else incur an injury, such as a fall or trip, especially if it’s something you have experienced for real.

I’m guessing you’ve also experienced how a nagging pain or ailment can drag your mood right down. These are all examples of how your mental well-being and physical well-being interact with each other. Indeed there is now a theory that arthritis; something associated with our joints can in fact cause inflammation on the brain, which manifests itself as depression and / or anxiety, and hence what was previously seen as a physical ailment can directly affect our mental well-being.


We offer a range of treatments dependent on what you need.

It’s not all about being bent over until your back creaks or being thrown on the massage table and having your body pounded with karate chops.

Our treatments range from the light touch of acupressure, through treatments where motion is added and the pressure is increased, to deep tissue sports massage.

  • Havening Techniques 
  • Acupuncture and Acupressure
  • Auricolutherapy
  • Korean Hand Therapy
  • Tui Na Massage and Sports Massage 
  • Strapping/ Taping 
  • EMMETT Technique
  • Reflexology 

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